All issues on sale until October 1! Excitement!

That is not sarcasm, either, folks! We love being able to offer Midwestern Gothic at a reduced cost, and we hope those who haven’t yet taken the plunge get in on this, or, if you already have gotten your hand on an issue or two, maybe you’d like to stock up, hand some out as gifts? Well, that’s completely up to you…we’re just here to tell you that, until October 1st, all issues are on sale!

PDF – $1.50 (Issue 1, Issue 2)
Kindle $1.50 (Issue 1, Issue 2)
Hardcopy – $9 (Issue 1, Issue 2)

Note: If buying a digital copy (either PDF or Kindle), prices are reduced automatically. If buying a hardcopy, use dicount code NVRU4U46 to get the sale price.

We know the economy isn’t, you know, the best right now, so hopefully with these reduced prices, you can get yourself a copy (or two or three) and check out the wonderful collection of talented authors and poets we’ve amassed so far.

Remember, this is for a limited time only, so jump on it while you can!

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