MG Press

The Space Between by Kali VanBaale


A Woman is a Woman Until She is a Mother by Anna Prushinskaya



Other Titles

We Could’ve Been Happy Here
Keith Lesmeister

8th Street Power & Light
Eric Shonkwiler

The Good Divide
Kali VanBaale

Ghost County
John McCarthy

Tell Me How It Was: An Anthology of Imagined Michigan Histories

Julie Babcock

Above All Men
Eric Shonkwiler

This Jealous Earth:Stories
Scott Dominic Carpenter

About MG Press

MG Press is an independent book publisher devoted to publishing a small number of titles each year. An extension of the literary journal Midwestern Gothic, MG Press retains the same core values: shining a spotlight on Midwest authors by focusing on works that showcase all aspects of life—good, bad, or ugly.

The authors and books we choose to work with exemplify these traits; they are representatives of the Midwest, and aim to celebrate what makes the Midwest such a unique place, highlighting our mythologies, stories, and culture that the world may be missing out on.

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