Updates on This Jealous Earth

We’ve been incredibly busy over the past few weeks putting the finishing touches on MG Press’s inaugural release, the short story collection This Jealous Earth by Scott Dominic Carpenter, sending out advance review copies and spreading the word for the debut on January 15, 2013.

That being said, we wanted to take a moment and fill you in on all the latest news!

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“Thrift” and “Riddles”
Two of the stories from the collection are available on their own in the latest editions of two great journals. “Riddles” was selected to be part of the Best Indie Lit New England project, forthcoming in November, and “Thrift” appears in Issue 3 of Chamber Four. Both are an awesome way to check out what Scott’s collection has to offer.

Help Us Make a Book Trailer
Along with the sequel to the novel Drive (which was turned into a fantastic film last year starring Ryan Gosling), Matt Bell’s forthcoming novel In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods, as well as a few other notable books, This Jealous Earth was selected to be part of an exciting project designed to create individual book trailers, beautiful pieces of cinematic art (in this case) for a specific set of small presses and under-promoted books.

It’s a crowd-funded campaign, which means you can give as little or as much as you want, and if you do, you get  perks like signed copies of the books, swag from the production of each trailer, or even getting your work critiqued by Scott or indie powerhouse Matt Bell. And even if you decide not to contribute, spreading the news and commenting on the project page helps a ton, as it gets us featured on Indiegogo.com, the site hosting the campaign.

Check out the 5 Cinematic Book Trailers Project

Put This Jealous Earth on Your “To-Read” List
For the folks who like keeping score on their reading list at home and sharing what they’re reading with friends and family, you can now find This Jealous Earth on the following sites:

Library Thing

This Jealous Earth in the News
This Jealous Earth has been receiving some early press, which you can read at the links below:

The Next Best Book Blog
There For You

Scott Dominic Carpenter
And last but not least, if you want to follow along with Scott, read more of his writing and just see what he’s up to in general, you can find him online at http://www.sdcarpenter.com/

And don’t forget! You can still preorder This Jealous Earth for $1 and Save 20%

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