Thank you

Robert James Russell and Jeff PfallerAs we sit here on the eve of the launch of This Jealous Earth by Scott Dominic Carpenter, our debut publication, two words come to mind: Thank you.

For our families and friends: Thank you for supporting us, for understanding when we’re toiling away at night or on the weekends, borrowing time from you to keep pushing this project forward. We love you all.

For everyone who’s submitted to the journal, talked to us at events, followed us on the internet, bought a journal, taken photographs for the website: Thank you for putting us in a position to even think about publishing a stand-alone book.

For everyone who answered MG Press’ first call for submissions, but ultimately didn’t make the cut: Thank you for letting us consider your work. Just like the journal, we’re blown away by the talent here in the Midwest. You made it hard to choose.

For Scott: Thank you for letting us play a part in bringing the vision swirling in your head to readers. We know you’ve entrusted us with one of your children, and we’re still thrilled you chose us.

For everyone who worked on the book, including Sarah E. Melville and her gorgeous cover, Bailey Shoemaker-Richards and her razor sharp editing pen: Thank you – the book would not exist as it does right now without your time and energy.

For everyone who considered an early review, a pre-order, an interview or a reading: Thank you for taking a chance on a new press and a new author. We know your reading time is valuable. We promise to take you for a ride.

And for all our readers: The biggest thank you goes out. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing this. Thank you for letting us share our slice of the Midwest with you. We think it’s a pretty amazing place, and hope you do too.

Jeff + Rob

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