Help Us Make a Short Film!

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We are absolutely thrilled to be part of an awesome crowd-funded project with Red 14 Films and three other amazing authors and presses. The project is creating short film adaptations for each of the four books, including our very own This Jealous Earth!

If the campaign is successfully funded, these books will have a literary short film created by Red 14 Films:

This Jealous Earth by Scott Dominic Carpenter
In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell (Soho Press)
Neighbors of Nothing by Jason Ockert (Dzanc Books)
The Stud Book by Monica Drake (Crown Publishers)

What is a Literary Short Film?
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Like a movie trailer sells the idea of the movie, a literary short film is an art form all its own that brings a book to life and gets people excited about reading it. Most trailers end up being a collection of stills with bad music, which is why we’re happy we landed with Red 14 Films. Their trailers are gorgeous, and we are 100% confident they’ll do Scott’s book justice.

How can you help?
All on our own, we might not be able to afford a high-end production company like Red 14 Films, but by teaming up with three other authors, we’re hoping to raise enough money for all of us small presses win one for the little guys. And, by going with a crowd-funding site like Kickstarter, it lets us give something back to fans and readers for supporting us.

Here’s what we need: head over to the project’s page and look at the different contribution levels. No matter how much or how little you give, even if it’s just ten bucks, you get something back. There’s everything from signed copies of the books, book bundles from each of the publishers, and awesome, once in a lifetime rewards like a writer’s work shop with indie powerhouse Matt Bell or our very own Scott Carpenter.

It’s a great way to buy This Jealous Earth and other phenomenal books if you haven’t already, plus help independent publishers create a piece of cinematic art that can help expose even more people to some of your favorite writers.

Thank you in advance from all the authors and presses, whether you’re contributing, or even helping us spread the word to your friends.
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