Vote for “The Calendar of Ordeals” by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

We recently discovered that contributor Sarah Elizabeth Schantz has a story in Phone Fiction‘s Previously Published contest—a story that first appeared in Midwestern Gothic Fall 2012—and you can help her (and us!) win.  This particular contest is unique in that not only is there a prize for the author of the work, there’s also a prize for the journal who first published this gem. Everybody wins!

If nothing else, you should head over and read her story, “The Calendar of Ordeals,” because it’s free. That’s right—you’re on the hook for absolutely nothing.

Here’s how it works:

1) Read “The Calendar of Ordeals here

2) Register for a Phone Fiction account (takes a minute, tops)

3) Vote “Love it” all the way at the bottom of the story in the lower right

It’s that easy!

The entire Midwestern Gothic staff is grateful for your support!

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