Welcome Cammie and Kelly!

Join us in welcoming our newest interns, Cammie Finch and Kelly Nhan!

They will be helping us promote our mission, reading submissions, and taking part in community activities throughout the summer, and we’re thrilled to have them on board!

Cammie Finch loves tea and hula-hooping. She is a junior at the University of Michigan, studying Creative Writing and English. Her favorite ice-cream is vanilla drizzled with maple syrup, and her favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Sylvia Plath. Her favorite book is always the one she is currently reading. Three of her favorite words include betwixt, akimbo, and kerfuffle. After graduation, Cammie hopes to spend a summer writing a novel on a Dutch houseboat, attend an Indian wedding, and increase the world’s love for audiobooks, one expressive voice at a time.

Kelly Nhan is a senior studying English and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, and originally from Connecticut. She loves finding good coffee places, exploring cities, reading good poetry, and chatting about feminism. She is interested in going into book publishing, or eventually going to grad school to study postcolonial literature and feminist theory.

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