Tell Me How It Was from MG Press and 826michigan

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our latest book from MG Press, Tell Me How It Was: An Anthology of Imagined Michigan Histories.

Created in partnership with the non-profit writing center 826michigan, this historical fiction anthology features the work of the eight-grade writers at Scarlett Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as they explore new perspectives on history through fiction.

Tell Me How It Was: An Anthology of Imagined Michigan Histories

The book will be released on March 21, 2015—available through all our usual sales channels—and we’ll also be hosting a release party at this year’s Voices of the Middle West festival that very day at 12:30 PM. So stop by if you can!

We are so excited with how this came together, and it’s vitally important to us to showcase the great work of our community, and highlighting the next generation of Midwestern voices. In addition, Rebecca Scherm, author of the novel Unbecoming, was kind enough to write a foreword for the anthology, saying: “These young writers are doing that hard, rewarding, and sometimes sublime work of imagining lives outside their own.”

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