Issue 19 is here!

issue19Midwestern Gothic Issue 19 (Fall 2015) is here! This issue of Midwestern Gothic is all nonfiction, with essays and creative nonfiction inspired by the Midwest. Explore urban and rural, fractured settings and nostalgic memories in new work from some of the region’s best voices.

Issue 19 is available in hardcopy ($12) and eBook formats ($2.99), including Kindle, iPad, Nook, and PDF. Pick up a copy

Issue 19 features work from: Deborah Burand, Matthew Byrd, Anna Clark, Emily Corwin, Bill Derks, Dain Edward, Melissa Faliveno, Matthew Gavin Frank, Matt Helm, Maria Hlohowskyj, Arlene Lecours, Cathy Mellett, Reneé K. Nicholson, Ira Sukrungruang, Kaitlyn Teer, Paige Towers, Lori Tucker-Sullivan, Michael Van Kerckhove, Rocco Versaci, Theodore Wesenberg, Jan Worth-Nelson, and Margaret Yapp.

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