Contributor News

Nancy Austin, whose work appeared in Issue 15 (Fall 2015), recently saw the publication of her new book, Remnants of Warmth, which you can find out about here.

Ron Austin, whose work appeared in Issue 14 (Summer 2014), recently had his short story “Cut Open the Vein and All You’ll Find Is Rust” published in the first issue of Cog, which you can read here.

Richard Thomas, whose work was featured in Issue 9 (Spring 2013), has recently launched a Kickstarter in order to help fund his new magazine, Gamut, which will focus on publishing genre-bending, hybrid fiction that utilizes the best of genre and literary voices. The Kickstarter closes on March 1st, 2016, and you can read about Gamut and donate here.

Congrats, all!

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