Contributor News

Rachel Hall, who has work coming up in Issue 21 (Spring 2016), will see the publication of her collection, Heirlooms, in September from BkMk press.

Mark Maire, who had work featured in Issue 14 (Summer 2014), was announced as the winner of the 2015 Emergence Chapbook Series Prize, with his chapbook Clear Day in January. In addition, he won the 2015 Codhill Poetry Award for his manuscript Meridian.

Lee Colin Thomas, who has work coming up in Issue 21 (Spring 2016), had recently publications in One (issue 7) Sharkpack Poetry Annual (issue 2), and Water~Stone Review (v. 18). In addition, a poem of his was a finalist for Narrative’s 7th Annual Poetry Contest.

Sarah Ann Winn, who has work coming up in Issue 21 (Spring 2016), recently won the Alternating Current Luminaire Award for a poem in her chapbook, Portage.

John Woods, who has work featured in Issue 13 (Spring 2014), recently saw his story, “White, a story in A Warm Place,” published in Meridian.

Congratulations, all!

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