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Midwestern Gothic Issue 22 Summer 2016We’re excited to announce that Issue 22 (Summer 2016) of Midwestern Gothic is here just in time for summer! It paints a picture of life in the region, good, bad, and ugly, and features diverse voices from the region.

Issue 22 is available in paperback ($12) and eBook formats ($2.99), including Kindle, iPad, Nook, and PDF. Buy your copy

Issue 22 contains fiction from: Bridget Apfeld, Jacquelyn Bengfort, Andrew Bode-Lang, Garrett Dennert, Samantha Edmonds, James Figy, Meagan Gibeson, Sasha Khalifeh, Lee L. Krecklow, Anna Hudson Megdell, Laura Misco, Alec Osthoff, C.R. Resetarits, Joe Sacksteder, Jon Steinhagen, and Chelsea Voulgares.

Plus poetry from: Joan Colby, Jimmie Cumbie, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Kaitlyn Duling, Andrea England, Tim Greenup, Sharon Kunde, Austin Sanchez-Moran, Annie Pittman, Saara Myrene Raapana, Christine Rhein, Sarah Sadie, Steven Shields, Daniel Smith, James Valvis, and Jane Varley.

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