Behind the Cover – Winter 2017 issue: Romina Lutz

Romina Lutz, whose artwork “Keeper of the Lights” graces the cover of the Winter 2017 issue of Midwestern Gothic, was kind enough to chat with us about the piece and what it means to her.

Romina: No matter how much effort human mankind puts into the exploration of mother earth’s wonders, nature will always remain the greatest and most beautiful mystery we have the fortune to live in. It teaches us dreamy magic that we will never be capable of understanding. Conclusion: Respecting mother nature reveals her greatest gift: To keep our days alight.


Romina Lutz aka “Schwebewesen” is a digital artist who creates surrealistic and dreamy vector art. Her interests are traveling, books, music, taking pictures, cycling and savoring life. You can buy Schwebewesen art prints and various products through her website ► or follow her on social media:

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