A Woman Is A Woman Until She Is A Mother reviewed

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We’re thrilled to share the first of what we’re sure will be many stellar reviews and interviews for A Woman Is A Woman Until She Is A Mother by Anna Prushinskaya!

The folks over at Michigan Quarterly Review interviewed Prushinskaya, while The Coil was kind enough to review the newest MG Press title, and here’s what they had to say:

“Either that one of the one they head the review with Prushinskaya’s essays are an intriguing compilation of a woman’s flight through child bearing, told with care, pain, and freshness.” — Surmayi Khatana, The Coil

Read the full review on The Coil‘s website.

A Woman is a Woman Until She is a Mother book cover by Anna Prushinskaya

Meanwhile, in an interview with Cameron Finch from Michigan Quarterly Review, Prushinskaya discussed her collection, being born into a different mother, identity and more.

As Prushinskaya explains in the interview, “the title of the book is ‘a woman is a woman until she is a mother’ in part to reflect that our experiences are our own, are varied, though sometimes others might try to tell us otherwise by placing us into categories like ‘woman’ or ‘mother’ or etc.

Read the full interview at Michigan Quarterly Review.

Anna Prushinskaya A Woman is A Woman Until She is a Mother

For more information about A Woman Is A Woman Until She Is A Mother, and to purchase your copy, see the book page on our site.

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