Summer 2018

Midwestern Gothic Summer 2018

Cover art by Chris Bigalke

Perfect to help cool you off at the beach, or keep you company under the shade of your favorite reading tree, the summer issue of Midwestern Gothic is here. Featuring new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photography about or inspired by the Midwest, you won’t want to miss it. Pick up a copy and enjoy work from the following talented writers:
Marc Allen / Gail Aronson / Nathaniel Blaesing / Eimile Campbell / Michael Cebula / Scott Dorsch / Jen Ippensen / Laurence Levy / Sophie Paquette / Scott Onak / Jeremy John Parker / Chloe Seim / Aurore Sibley / Alyssa Striplin / Beth Weeks / Joliange Wright / Brian Zimmerman
Erica Anderson-Senter / Nancy Botkin / Kai Carlson-Wee / Sanda Moore Coleman / Nicole Connolly / Savannah Cooper / Brian Czyzyk / Carthryn Essinger / Lara Frankena / Rae Hoffman Jager / Michael Kriesel / Gerry LaFemina / John LaPine / Lizzy Petersen / Samuel Piccone / Joseph Pritchard / Sara Ryan / Josh Weston

Stephanie Anderson / Laura Dorwart / Stacy Boe Miller / Claire Moran / Cassandra Morrison / Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

Steve Frosch / Alec Josaitis / David McCleery / Kevin Yuskis

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