We want your photos!

Not only are we accepting prose/poetry submissions for our very first issue, we’re also accepting photo submissions. Basically, we want to see the essence and flavor of the Midwest captured in your pics.

We’ll actually be accepting photo submissions year-round, and, assuming there is no damaging/hurtful material in said photos, we’ll throw them up on our site…right here. Oh, and even more good news: Once a quarter we’ll scour our archives and choose one photo to be featured on the cover of the next issue of Midwestern Gothic. The winner will receive a complementary digital issue of our wonderful journal here. Wee!

Nitty-gritty: Please make sure that you do indeed have the right to submit this photo (read: you are the photographer/owner).  Also, check out our Submissions Guidelines for more details (like how to upload, file size and format, etc.).

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