2012 Pushcart Prize Nominees

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If you’re not familiar, the Pushcart Prize is an annual award handed out to fiction and poetry originating from small presses—it’s a pretty big deal, in existence since 1976. We here at Midwestern Gothic are extremely lucky to read and publish amazing works by people all across the country (with a Midwest connection, of course), and while it’s hard to pick only a few to nominate, there were some that stood out as pure excellence.

So, join us in congratulating the following contributors who were nominated:

Abby Norwood – “Spider on the Wall” – Issue 4 (Winter 2012)
M.V. Montgomery – “Hostages for Xmas” – Issue 5 (Spring 2012)
Hadley Moore – “Makeup” – Issue 6 (Summer 2012)
Scott Dominic Carpenter – “Donny Donny” – Issue 7 (Fall 2012)
Abby Norwood – “Soapbox Dolorean” – Issue 7 (Fall 2012)

For more information on the contributors and their respective issues, click here. For more information on the Pushcart Prize, click here.

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