Behind the Cover – Issue 11: David J. Thompson

David J. Thompson, whose photo graces the cover of  our Creative Nonfiction issue, Issue 11, was kind enough to chat with us about what lead him to snap this picture.

Ann Arbor Alley

David: This photo, as almost always, is more interesting than the story behind it. Back in June I was in downtown Ann Arbor with some friends, walking around trying to decide on a place for dinner. One of my friends had a call on her cell, so we stopped for a moment. As we were standing there, I noticed some street art down a nearby alley, and because this time, luckily, I had remembered to bring my little point point & shoot for just such an opportunity, I went to take a look. The image I discovered was clearly strong enough to stand alone. No special skill, equipment, or intrepid effort required. I was just the one chosen by the gods of photography to find it, frame it, and shoot it. The real credit goes to the artist who put it up on the alley wall. And, by the way, we had dinner at some hip Mexican place. It was pretty good.

David J. Thompson grew up in Hyde Park, New York, and has lived in the Detroit area for the past 16 years. He taught English and coached basketball at prep schools in New York, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. His interests include minor league baseball and jazz, and his list of heroes includes Elvis, Frank O’Hara, Chet Baker, and Krusty The Clown. Please visit his photo website at

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