The Creative Nonfiction Issue is Here!

The fall issue of Midwestern Gothic has arrived, and there’s even more reason to be excited than usual—a first for us, Issue 11 exclusively features Creative Nonfiction inspired by the Midwest!

issue11The Fall 2013 issue collects work from a diverse bunch of authors and attempts to paint a more robust portrait of the region through truly personal, intimate experiences. Issue 11 is available in hardcopy ($12) and eBook formats ($2.99), including Kindle, iPad, and PDF. Click here to pick up a copy.

Don’t miss out on this special issue of Midwestern Gothic, featuring work from Emilio DeGrazia, Tanya Eby, Rachael Hanel, Amanda Hilles, Nathan Jandl, Kim Lozano, David Mathews, Alex Mattingly, Lori A. May, Micah McCrary, Jennifer Murvin, Keith Rebec, David Wayne Reed, John G. Rodwan, Jr., Sara C. Ross, Mikaela Shea, Richard Terrill, Tracy Tucker, Michael Van Kerckhove, James Vescovi, Scott Winter, and Dave Woehrle.

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