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Midwestern Gothic Issue 15

The fall issue of Midwestern Gothic got a nice little review over at The Review Review by Molly Rose last week. Here’s an excerpt:

Midwestern Gothic Fall 2014 explores loss and family through its stories and poems. Death fits autumn, the season of Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, dying plants, and animals preparing for hibernation. Family is also apt, as relatives gather to mourn, contact their ancestors, feast and celebrate Thanksgiving. Death and filial love and duty are universal themes, but they are addressed by the contributors in specifically Midwestern ways. The magazine’s cover image perfectly represents this sad, sweet harmony: a grey, cloudy sky, with spots of sunlight, blanketing a grey US metropolis. The magazine is moving, clever, and darkly humorous. Some pieces are wholly depressing, but the best ones bear witness to suffering and resolve in catharsis. Motifs include agriculture, alcohol, and loneliness.”

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