Welcome new (and returning) interns!

We are so excited at the new staff joining us starting this month: returning intern Hannah Bates, and new interns Giuliana Eggleston and Rachel Hurwitz!

We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Midwestern Gothic family!

Hannah Bates is a senior at the University of Michigan studying English, pleasantly dreaming about her post-grad career in publishing, journalism, or perhaps academia. In addition to her studies, she is active on campus in multiple literary-based student organizations. She loves writing poetry and over-sharing, which tend to go hand in hand. She’s also a true grammar nut, fostering a love/hate relationship with the Oxford comma. As a native Michigander, she has always enjoyed the change of the seasons and spending time on Lake Michigan with her family.

Giuliana Eggleston is a sophomore in the Residential College at the University of Michigan. She loves reading and writing short stories, and has read an embarrassing amount of Young Adult paranormal fiction. She is addicted to coffee, but survives by bankrolling her addiction with various barista jobs. Working in book publishing is her dream, but whatever she does she hopes it takes her all over the world and involves many adventures.

Rachel Hurwitz is a sophomore in the Residential College at the University of Michigan. She has a passion for meeting new people, collecting unique journals and learning anatomy. Like most small children, she has a strong adoration for animated movies, animals—especially her two large, black shelter dogs—and nap-time. In her scarce free moments, she can often be found with headphones on, coffee in hand, sitting under a nearby tree reading, or composing poetry and short fiction and dreaming about adventures she has yet to partake in.

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