Behind the Cover – Issue 20: George L. Stein

George L. Stein, whose photo graces the cover of Issue 20 (Winter 2016), was kind enough to chat with us about how he was able to capture this photo, and what it means to him.



George: I sell antiques as a hobby and after setting up my booth at the Allegan Antique show in Michigan, I grabbed my camera and wandered the town proper. This particular afternoon was a cool, late spring affair. I think all photographers have a passion for Neon, and the Regent Theatre provides. The juxtaposition of the quaint, early 20th century theater architecture with ‘Transformers’ featured on the marquee provided the last puzzle piece. It’s a lovely, Michigan town, if you should ever get the opportunity….


z geoGeorge l Stein is an art photographer living in NW Indiana. he spends most of his creative time wandering the rust belt looking for urban decay locations—abandoned factories, schools, churches – as well as rural decay locations. BA, UCLA and MBA, University of Chicago. His work has been published in Neon Highway, After Hours, 21st Street Urban, and Darkside Magazine.

Find more of George’s work online here.

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