Happy Pub Day to 8th Street Power & Light

Eric Shonkwiler’s bold second novel 8th Street Power & Light is here for your fall reading pleasure!

Shonkwiler’s writing has received rave reviews from The Los Angeles Review of Books and the Chicago Book Review, plus from acclaimed authors Taylor Brown, Aline Ohanesian, Britta Coleman, Joshua Mohr, Kathy Fish, Berit Ellingsen and more—we are so thrilled to be publishing this follow-up to Eric’s first novel, Above All Men.

From the back cover:

In an abandoned Midwestern city, there’s one last vestige of order and days gone by: 8th Street Power & Light. Part government, gang, and power company, 8th Street tasks Samuel Parrish with keeping the city clear of meth and bootleg liquor. Most nights, Samuel tracks down criminals, while others find him navigating hazier avenues: in between drinking and fighting, he’s falling for his best friend’s girl. But when Samuel rousts a well-connected dealer, he uncovers a secret that threatens to put the city back in the dark.

You can buy the book as a paperback or eBook from major online booksellers. Shop for 8th Street Power & Light. 

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