We Could’ve Been Happy Here reviewed by Rain Taxi!

We Could've Been Happy Here book cover by Keith LesmeisterEven months after the initial release of We Could’ve Been Happy Here, Keith Lesmeister’s outstanding collection is still heaping praise!

Rain Taxi recently published their review of We Could’ve Been Happy Here in their current print issue, and author Bret Farley notes the collection “assumes the straightforward, no-frills nature of the [Midwestern] region surrounding its characters.”

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“The significance of such tiny [human] interactions, and how they change people and their circumstances, is the heart of Lesmeister’s collection, pumping its essence throughout each story and infusing it with life.”
Bret Farley, Rain Taxi

Purchase your copy of We Could’ve Been Happy Here and see for yourself what all the praise is about here!

And read the full review in Rain Taxi‘s current issue here.

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