Ghost County: Happy Pub Day!

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Ghost County by John McCarthyIt’s official, Ghost County, John McCarthy’s debut poetry collection is ready for your enjoyment!

With glowing advance praise from acclaimed poets like Adrian Matejka, Adam Clay, Sandy Longhorn, Charlotte Pence, and Chad Simpson, we couldn’t be more excited about these poems that meditate on the Midwestern experience.

In John McCarthy’s debut collection, lifetimes are spent traveling in pickup trucks across the Midwest, exploring spaces between love and its imperfect manifestations. Ghost County drives blue-collar back roads and guides readers through personal meditations about heritage, loss, and the desire to reimagine the past and future. Dateless baseball trophies, the world’s largest catsup bottle, and swivel set televisions illustrate a Midwest that is recognizable and echoes with its own poetry, affirming the traditions and experiences that bind this region to self and self to region.

You can buy the book as a paperback or eBook from major online booksellers. Shop for Ghost County Now.

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