8th Street Power & Light reviewed at Chicago Review of Books

Aram Mrjoian recently reviewed Eric Shonkwiler’s 8th Street Power & Light at Chicago Review of Books, and had this to say:

Where Shonkwiler genuinely shines is in his confident syntactical brevity. He is unafraid to make the most of a terse sentence, repeatedly shirking glam for grit, kicking dust pell-mell to cover up any excessive language. In the peculiar wasteland Shonkwiler has created, one wrong choice in diction would sound like the freshly-oiled flute of a virtuoso playing against a demented marching band of spit-clogged, out-of-tune brass. Instead, 8th Street Power & Light leaves prolixity on the shelf, allowing rustic prose and soiled landscapes to emit raw emotion.

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